Henley Regatta a Fashion Fest???


July 2, 2012 by lovenellie

It would seem that Henley Regatta got lucky and the weather although by no means balmy was at least for the most part dry and just a bit windy!! I am blaming my lack of blog posting on a hectic Ladies day in the Stewards enclosure and then a revisit on Saturday mainly for people watching purposes!!!..and a bit of singing but that’s another story!

The Henley Royal Regatta has been an annual event on the British sporting calendar since 1839 and is a huge event in the summer social calendar,whilst people watching over a Pimms or three I got to thinking that men seem to have it so easy at these type of events.   Wack on a pair of beige Chino style trousers and a navy blazer and job done, obviously there are also the Rowing club blazers in an array of colours but still not a massive amount of planning needed. Ladies on the other hand had to stick to the strict below the knee-length rule on all dresses, this can be tricky as that just below the knee-length on a frock can be a bit ageing.

 Most Ladies therefore dig out a Maxi dress which is not a bad solution but can look a bit ‘beach’!!!  and clearly looks a bit better on the younger chick!

I did see quite a few dresses which seem to have a clear chiffon skirt over the top of what would otherwise have been a mini skirt and worn with a short blazer, this is a look in my humble opinion rocked! On sale at the moment in House of Frazer this one is sweet.

Other top tips that I think I should share….

1) Fake tan.. so uncool especially when we have barely seen the sun this year.. nobody is expecting your legs and toes to be the colour of your Granny;s old sideboard.

2) Think Wedges or flat sandles..killer hills sinking into the grass make you stagger along like your drunk before you have even had a sip of your Pimms. EMBARRASSING!!

3)Make up.. you will be outdoors all day in natural daylight so what looks good in your mirror at home with your bright 60 watt light bulb may look a bit ‘Lady boy’ when out and about. Take your mirror to the garden and ( weather permitting) apply there for a much for natural look.

4) Oh and if we ever see the sun again , remember sunscreen. Lobster is not a good look, and if you’ve been wearing your shades in the sun all day, the day after you will look like you have been on a ski trip in July!!!


 Enough of me and my tips but this Lady certainly got my approval along with the  ducks!!


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