Rain stops play !!!!

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July 16, 2012 by lovenellie

Oh my lordy I am only on my 6th day of school holidays and already I am thinking I need a team of industrial cleaners on a full-time contract just to help me cope with the mess.

It’s far too rainy and cold to send the kids out into the garden ( I have even been flicking the heating on – don’t tell the husband) ! Therefore the mess in the house is insane.

I have therefore taken the opportunity to have a good sort out. I have been through all the felt pens and binned the ones without lids, sorted out the jigsaw’s and made sure all the pieces are there, popped anything that looks like it came from a party bag in a black bin liner heading to the bin.

Clever storage seems to be the order of the day, a place for everything and everything in its place! With a bit of creativity there are some fantastic ideas out there to help make life more organised. Here are a few that I love….

 These crates can be purchased from www.roseandgrey.co.uk for £55.00 but could easily be made with a few wheels sold at B&Q or Ikea and an old crate, I picked up crates at Sunbury Antiques Market for £5.00. The aluminium flower planters hung indoors on the walls are also a really clever and cheap idea.

I went to Ikea and bought a EXPIDAT shelving unit, they now come with clever cupboard inserts that turn the shelf unit into great storage for any playroom. I then got a can of blackboard spray paint and sprayed the doors, making it easy to write on the doors exactly what should be stored in each section. Easy peasy and its made life much more organised!!!

Anyway must dash, onto my next DIY project, making an Ark as it does not look like its going to stop raining any time soon.


Lynne xx


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