Flower Power and Picnics.


July 23, 2012 by lovenellie

 School holidays are here and the sun has come out at last so it’s the perfect time to pack a picnic and head off for the day. Thought I would give you a few ideas for some fun in the sun avec a picnic….


A fabtastic day out with the  kids or are just a lover of tea and cakes is Cliveden. A great adventure playground, loads of picnic benches and lots of lovely gardens to run and play in not to mention a great Maze. I,m actually a bit over the Maze having spent 40 mins trying to find my way out with a 4-year-old who needed the loo but you will find it fun??  Head to the orangery for afternoon tea and cakes or take your own picnic, the latest copy of Grazia and let the kids run wild while you relax. The children’s play area has been done really well perfect for the smaller children and there are benches where you can eat your picnic all around it which is nice. The National Trust do a great job of giving out maps of the grounds that the kids love to follow and then there is always the gift shop, just perfect for picking up notelets and tea towels!!! Not far to drive from London so make a day of it. My tip is, if you do want to go around the house head to the customer services shed and book your slot as soon as you get there. It gets very busy and you don’t want to be given a time 4 hours away!!

RHS Wisley

RHS Wisley is a fantastic day out, the gardens are amazing with lots of places to play hide and seek and run about. The Palm house is great fun.. although a little warm!!! lots of educational things for the kiddies to look at and tunnels to explore. A great selection of Orchids to look at too.

The wildflower gardens are looking amazing at this time of year, I felt inspired to go home and try to create my own. Apparently this is not such a big job, all you need is some wildflower turf and then water it ! Failing that there are wildflower seed packets that you can buy to create your own. You can have your own Timotei advert garden to run through in no time!!!

I advise to pack a picnic, the food for the kids was not great. Children’s menu consisted of a box where you can select 5 items from a ‘picnic section’, they had run out of sandwiches when we arrived so it wasnt great and I don’t count a pot of jelly beans as a lunch option??. Dont panic though lots of nice places to grab a mid afternoon latte and ice cream.

The children’s play area was lovely all made from natural materials with lots of large wooden sticks that the children were encouraged to place over frames to make little bases that they could climb inside. Large logs and climbing frames and wires made it the perfect place to burn off any residual energy the children had left after walking around. Before the car journey home, I of course had to pop in to the plant shop which stocked most of the amazing plants. I could have gone mad as the selection of plants was easily the best I have seen in a garden centre, shame I actually had to take the kids home with me so more could not fit in my boot and back seat!!!!

A great day had by all at both venues and after a few weeks of jigsaw’s and Dvds it’s a nice change!

Wishing you a fun-filled day out.


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