Smells like Team Spirit.

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July 30, 2012 by lovenellie

As  I  write this I am watching the diving and actually loving it. Usually I am the last person to be found watching any form of Sport on television, I admit normally I hate most things sports related but last night I even did one of those weird air punches and screamed ‘come on’  at the TV as Rebecca Adlington won bronze. So whats come over me?

Well last Wednesday  I took a trip up to the big smoke and strangely found myself after a few hours in the Capital coming down with ‘Olympic Fever’. Symptoms include immense pride in how fab London is looking, excitement as I wondered around the underground seeing all the signage about what events would be taking place where and an urge to purchase a tacky Team GB t-shirt!!!

London could not have looked better, the underground was positively shiny and clean, the signage to get to events looked great and the flags and window displays made a real sense of team spirit. What a difference a year makes,this time last year we were showcasing to the world all that is wrong with Great Britain. We had people ( I want to say youths but that makes me sound ancient) running wild, setting fire to things and looting and moaning about how tough they had things. This year youngsters who have devoted time and effort to learn a skill are showing the world just what you can achieve with a bit of hard work and dedication. All credit to them.

The opening ceremony for the games was amazing, the Queen now should be shortlisted for an Oscar.  It’s a shame that another British pastime is moaning and finding fault. Could we all just revel in the success of the 2012 committee and just pat ourselves on the back for once for a job well done.Shut up about empty seats and focus on the triumphs. I for one am super proud this week to be British and loving all things Olympic and for those of you who know me that’s major!!!!!

Now wear those T- shirts with pride!!!!! Olympic mania has begun but how to stay ahead in the style stakes whilst being patriotic?

For me its got to be the Adidas Stella Gold team Tank top.

Or you can ignore all style rules and head to e- bay Keep Calm and Support Team GB available on e bay for pennies!!!!

Enough from me, got to rush I have been asked to sub on the Beach Volleyball team!!!!

Come on Team GB!!!

Enjoy watching

Love Lynne


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