On the road again!


September 8, 2012 by lovenellie

On your marks, get set, SCHOOL RUN!!!!!. After a looooong nine weeks, this morning saw me gather my brood into my motor wearing their blazers and very shiny clean new school shoes.

Why is it that in the holidays I have to admit, most days I find myself at some point reaching saturation level, shouting and being a moody Mum wishing the holidays away then within a few hours of them being back at school the house seems empty(and eerily tidy) and I actually miss them? As I drove away from the school yesterday I was filled with self loathing why had I got so stressed out about the hama beads always being on the floor or the fact that the garden resembled a gypsy settlement with all the plastic toys left lying about with the sprinkler (post ban I may add) always left on!! Why hadn’t I done more theme parks and museum trips? A ‘latte’ later I had things in perspective and admitted that it’s a tough old job being a Mummy and that it was a job well done for the most part. I also have a refreshed appreciation for teachers.!!!

So after a summer of little or no time to myself what else can I add to my ‘To do List’?

1)Take myself off to boots to test their new No7 Foundation Match Service. We are all familiar with their amazing Perfect and Protect face creams and this would seem is another genius idea. I for one worry that I am walking around with an orange tide line along my jaw where I have not quite got my foundation colour right, so this seems like a grand idea to treat myself.

2) Learn a new skill.. nothing too serious I don’t mean become a qualified plumber although that’s not a bad idea, but maybe learn a new craft. There are lots of new places opening up that offer great day courses with muffins , coffees and chit-chat all thrown in. One of my favorites is ‘In with the old’  a bustling community of makers based around a London workshop where handmade quirky designs are made and sold. Local to me in Reading there is ‘Make and do Ltd’  Courses range from making cupcakes to dressmaking or even make your own lampshade.

3) Start thinking about Christmas shopping, if you head to your local Somerfield the chocolate Santa’s are on display already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or the Spirit of Christmas Fayre is on the 30th October – 4th November at London’s Olympia. This may be a great idea to kick-start some shopping so if you pre book your tickets they’re much cheaper, it could be a fun day out.?

4)Treat yourself to some new school run friendly clobber, I love my Converse  boots practical, comfortable and bang on trend without looking to try hard..Converse have a ‘create your own’ service on their website so you can design your very own unique pair or there is a great selection at Office.

5 ) Get fit and loose all those extra summer pounds!!! STOP there, you know it’s just far too depressing to add that to any list, it never gets done and your left feeling like an under achiever…. instead swap having a coffee and a catch up with your girlie mates in a coffee shop to meeting for a brisk walk and banter. If the gossip is good enough you don’t even notice you’re doing any exercise.!!!

Well that should help fill the hours whilst your darlings are at school and if none of them float your boat then there is always the Jeremy Kyle Show !!!

Glad to be back after a smallish summer break and very much enjoying this sunshine. I can have the paddling pool all to myself!!!!!

Lots of Love

Lynne xx


One thought on “On the road again!

  1. Susan Andrews says:

    Found this and enjoyed reading and your tips:) good to know that you are all well ? Love Sue

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