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September 17, 2012 by lovenellie

Had a major disaster on Saturday when my iPhone was fully submerged in water ( I wont go into more detail but one minute it was in my back jean pocket and the next…..) needless to say this did not make my iPhone happy. Err when is someone going to get round to inventing a waterproof version. Anyway lots of people, gave me lots of good advice mainly about submerging the iPhone in a bowl of rice for 24 hours and leaving it somewhere warm. I looked on the internet and this does indeed seem to be sound advice… the man at the Apple store added that it’s a good idea to pop it in a sealed bag too as that can speed things up.

So here is what I found out in a simple recipe format..


`1)The first thing you’ll want to do is to completely power down your iPhone. To do so, press and hold the power button at the top right. You should see the see the ‘Slide to power off’.

Tip: If you see the white spinning wheel, you’ll want to continue holding the home and power button until it completely powers down.

2)Once powered down, locate your SIM removal tool or a regular paper clip will suffice. Press in the hole to pop out your SIM or microSIM card. If you have a replacement phone that isn’t an iPhone, chances are that it uses a regular SIM card. No worries, order a microSIM to SIM card adapter from eBay or Amazon. They are small plastic pieces that convert your microSIM to fit within a phone that uses a regular sized SIM card.

3)The next step is to place your iPhone in a big of rice.  You want dry rice, so that it pulls the moisture from your iPhone. Seal the bag of rice to remove any air. You can use a plastic sandwich bag or even a Tupperware container.Place somewhere warm for about 3 days!!!!

Anyway there is also this product, the brilliant Bheestie Bag avalible at www.pedlars.co.uk dries phones, iPods, watches, cameras -you name it- that have been accidentally dropped in water.  Simply drop wet electronic items into Bheestie, close the bag and its Molecular Sieve Desiccant will dry things out completely. The key to rescuing wet items from destruction is to dry them quickly and thoroughly; and if Bheestie is on hand, both of these can be achieved. I for one will be keeping one on my cupboard for emergencies from now on!

Oh and don’t forget to do regular back -ups of the information on your phone too…

Over and out and have a great week.

Lynne xx


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