A week of sport and style.

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July 7, 2013 by lovenellie

It would seem that for once we have been lucky with the weather at a time of year when usually our sport is rained off. This week I have been lucky enough to be out and about at Henley Royal Regatta, Sandown Park races and an armchair supporter for Wimbledon.  Fear not though Claire Balding is not my new best friend and i have not overnight become a sports fan. ( wowzers this photographer is good she looks great!?)


If I am really honest one of the things I love about being at these sports events is checking out the various fashions and having a good giggle a the disasters.

With the sunshine out I notice that lots of people have thrown caution to the wind and headed out in the of skimpiest of summer dresses. So here’s my view on what’s looking good and some of the dresses that I think were just the ticket.

Youngsters out there be warned, the older ladies were ( in my humble opinion) much much better styled at all the events. You young uns need to make a note just cos its trendy does not mean it suits you and remember unless you have the same body shape as Cheryl Cole it is doubtful that you will look as amazing in the same dress as her!

Dip Dyed Maxi Skirts…

I know if sounds like a bad 1970s nightmare but they actually looked amazing here’s one of my favourites from Coast. I think worn with a white vest top and thong sandals it would look perfectio.000384720

Elegant Day Dresses.

Kim Sears wore this Zara Dress at Wimbledon and looked amazing. I love the fact that it hides the tops of the arms and is in such a flattering style. Rumour has it that it’s now totally sold out… they seem to be trading on eBay for vast amounts now!!


However this one is lovely too and is also from Zara.




This was defiantly the colour du jour!! Not a colour I would have ever chosen for fear of looking like someone who worked on the roads but i have had a rethink and this season it seems to work. Oasis has a lovely flattering one  and its one sale and half price at the moment… it would be rude not to !!!3470103029

Nails and bags in coral are also a fab cheery summer look. imagesCAF8O1LM

Right so there you have it  a whole three days of criticizing people ‘s outfits compressed in to a quick e-mail.! I think rule of thumb when choosing outfits to attend such events should be do I look more like Audrey Hepburn or Katie Price…. if it’s the latter…… change into something else……QUICK!!!

Oh and the ladies in onsies at Henley… I hope you didn’t get too hot!!!


Over and out, enjoy the sunshine.



Lynne x


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