Things to do with a Jam Jar.


November 30, 2013 by lovenellie

Competition is fierce, the creative juices are flowing. Any thing sold in a jar is now out of stock in the local Co-op which can mean only one thing.. its Jam Jar Tombola time.!!! Who will win the competition for most original creation made using a jam jar at the Christmas fair.

So in a public service type way I thought I would pass on some of the fantastic ideas that I have come across and share with you my entry !!!!

Kate ( age 5) and I have turned a jam jar into a kiddie hand-wash bottle. We have glued a monster to the bottom of the jar, filled it with slime ( aka antibacterial hand-wash from Tesco’s), Spray painted the lid of the jam jar with some fantastic spray paint that turns things to stone and then popped a Dymo label on reading ‘Monster Hand-wash, Kill those germs!’…… what do you think, are we in with a chance?


Here’s kind of how I did it…. easy peasy!

jar 2

I came across some other fantastic ideas which made me wonder why we ever throw jam jars out, the possibilities are endless. So people when you finish your jam or pickled onions, STOP think and get creative… its kind of addictive!

mason jars






Thats all folks…. will report back with who won and the most creative idea. Have a great weekend. x


2 thoughts on “Things to do with a Jam Jar.

  1. Sarah says:

    You made me chuckle so much when I read this – my vote is for you to win first prize!!!!

  2. DYMO support says:

    It is great how DYMO helps to fight chaos and germs. Thanks for sharing.

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