Festive Feast ideas.

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December 17, 2013 by lovenellie

Not long to go now until one of the most important meals of the year.Personally I think that it should be made law that Christmas lunch has to be a BBQ so that I can delegate it to a man! Most ladies at this time of year are in need of a spa break and lots of sleep having spent weeks shopping, organising, wrapping and the thought of glazing carrots while wearing your Christmas jumper is almost too much to bear.

But fear not I have stumbled across a few top tips that may mean that a stint in post festive therapy is avoided and better still everyone leaves your house thinking you’re a domestic goddess. He goes…

1) Gravy.

Make it before and freeze it, then just defrost it on Christmas morn and heat it up. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe called ‘Get ahead gravy’…job done!

2 ) Lay the table the day before. Then your all ready to go.

3)Buy disposable foil cooking trays then BIN them after. This cuts down on the amount of washing up you have to do. I know, I know not very ecologically friendly but if it keeps you sane I say go for it. Usually a well-meaning relative will offer to wash up. They never do a good job and just get in your way when your trying to cling-film the stuffing that nobody has bothered to eat and pop it in the fridge!!!!

4) That leads me on to my next point.. just because every magazine since October has had a sprouts and pancetta recipe if your family hate sprouts you don’t HAVE to serve them. If nobody likes Christmas pudding go crazy and have ice-cream bomb instead. Nigella’s had a tough few weeks so thought I would feature one of her more proud moments, this ice cream cake could be made using whatever chocolates you like ( maybe even Quality Streets all chopped up for a Christmas feel?) and then decorated with glitter, mini trees etc. I have made it loads and it’s always a winner and can be made well in advance of the day.

Cook what you know people like, there will be less waste and you wont be left with that horrible why did I bother feeling as you scrape countless scraps in to the food re-cycling bin.

icecream cake

5) Bamboozle people with your table decoration details, I always think a little thought into how your table looks goes a long way. It’s all in the detail as they say. Here are a few ideas that are simple and should only take a few minutes.

5f017e81d94d6ba5f8abd0e79caa2a46placecards1-430x300napkinAnother idea i love it the gingerbread man place setting.. so cute but does require some baking skills although I think some leading supermarket bakers may have packs ready-made to help you.

gingerbreadYou can’t go wrong with the use of an old-fashioned cardboard luggage label with someone’s name written on attached to a little treat, maybe each persons favourite chocolate bar, a bag of pic and mix or a spring bulb or house plant planted in an old tin.


Right then that’s me done. I still have wrapping to be done etc etc etc etc etc… it’s a case if keep calm and carry on !

Thanks Lynne x


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