Christmas Amazballs!


December 20, 2013 by lovenellie

We have all just about mastered the art of paper chains by the time we leave infant school but there are so many other Christmas decorations that you can make with very little skill and a tiny dose of effort. The giant paper snowball is easy peasy and would look great hanging in windows in clusters or over the dining table all ready for Christmas Lunch.



It really is very easy to do all you need are quite a few circles of tissue… I had about 40.I just folded the tissue paper up lots of times so I only had to cut the circle once. Then popped a staple in the middle of the circle to hold all the sheets together.  Next step is to fluff out half of the sheets one way and the other half the other way to make a ball shape. Tie cotton around the middle and viola ! You can also tie them on to one long string and make a snowball garland.


 Another idea that’s also super easy and looks amazing are these tissue pom poms.

decorATION 4These can be made really large for impact and grouped together in the corner of the room.

5042856690_9a72b048c1_oimagesHY0XMCPESo that’s your challenge for the day, no skill required and a great way to entertain the kids. Get busy with it!!!!!

Lots of Love



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  1. Sarah says:

    Yeah!!! Back to regular blogging x

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