House Plants Revival.

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January 8, 2014 by lovenellie

Where ever you are reading this from I hope your feet are not soggy, so many people have been affected by this scary rain that posting a blog about house plants seems a little fickle. As I look out of the window at yet another grey sky and a very muddy patch that used to be my garden I find myself willing on spring and the bulbs appearing. However in the meantime I will have to make do with my new indoor gardening craze.

Without going all Titchmarsh  on you, the hot new interior news is that house plants are cool again. For a while it seemed that only an orchid was ever added to rooms in stylists shots and sales in phalaenopsis went through the roof.  I don’t mean run out and purchase a whole load of spider plants, that’s not the look i think you should be creating. I’m thinking more BIG leaves and mini trees. Kind of creating a jungle effect in your living room?? Bringing the outside in.

For Christmas Santa was so kind as to bring me my very own fiddle leaf fig plant. which I have been carefully watering and chatting to and so far it seems very happy.


The fiddle leaf is a bit more of a high maintenance plant than most, it likes to be kept it in indirect light. You need to let the soil in its pot dry out completely before watering it and you have to be careful not to put it into a pot that feels too big or it will get freaked out. The leaves will also need a polish from time to time to keep them shiny.I am gradually trimming off the leaves from the stalk to create bulk around the top and make it look more tree like.

However if you want something a bit easier there is the Olive tree which looks fab, the recipe for success with an olive tree inside is at least six hours a day of direct sun, a deep pot to welcome a root ball, and a position not too close to a window ( You don’t want the hot sun to burn the olive tree’s leaves). If you have a conservatory or room with bi fold doors this would be a perfect place.



I love the way a large plant can soften a room, furniture all seems to have such square angles and straight lines its nice to break up the eye line and add a splash of green to your colour palette too.

Ok then, its raining again and i have a school run to do, Wellington’s on and off I go.

Back soon, and wherever you are I hope the floods don’t bother you too much.

Over and Out



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