Logs … not just any logs…..


January 21, 2014 by lovenellie

ROUND LOGS???? !!!!!

Now will I ever live that comment down.!!!!

Thanks for all your support and lovely comments about the rooms that I did for Kelvin on ‘The Great Interior Design challenge’ tonight. Kelvin was not that keen on my design but you can’t please everyone!! My log comment will haunt me forever… !

I had such a giggle doing the show, loved every minute if it and hearing the comments from the judges Sophie Robinson and Dan Hopwood at the end of the programme was just fab. It’s always so much nicer to get a critique from people whose taste and opinions you respect and admire.

I know some of you may be keen to know where some of the key things used in the room were from so I quickly thought it may be useful to make a list of a few things for you.


For much better images than my quick pictures here, you should buy the book ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’ that accompanies the series. It not only gives you ideas on my room but all the rooms in the show. It’s a lovely read and has so many fab ideas.

mood board

 My mood board for Kelvin.

 The amazing book wallpaper is from B&Q and at only £19.98 a roll is amazing value.


For a room lacking in furniture or features it can really add character and depth. I chose it for Kelvin as it has quite a masculine feel. It  added a feature to the room without including large pieces of furniture that were not needed and would have taken up lots of space. Kelvin was really keen to keep the front room uncluttered and simple. As Sophie points out in the show it also as a great reflective quality to it so it bounces the light back into the room.

The light that you see in this picture is made from a standard lamp metal base again from B&Q (I should have a loyalty card!). I then found an old lamp shade from a charity shop and stripped the fabric from it, cleaned it up and gave it a coat of white spray paint. Finished off with a decorative light bulb and decorated with a bird or two in the same colour as the sofas, I just thought it added something a bit different to the room, a play on a quirky industrial feel.

Kelvin was very keen to keep the armchair in the window for Chester his dog to sleep on but it really had seen better days. After discussions!! I replaced this with the black rattan Storsele one from Ikea and made sure that I popped a comfy cushion for Chester( the dog), this is such a stylish chair with a slight retro feel to it and very affordable.ikea chair

 Kelvin also wanted to keep the sofas and frankly on the budget we had to!  I therefore I had to incorporate them within my colour scheme as you can see from the mood board.
The addition of a few  cushions all in tones of grey and all in different textures on the sofa really transformed the look of them.The ampersand ones were from Homebase and the ticking ones I had made from Love Nellie
&  ticking
 So much more to tell you like how I painted and sourced all the old furniture, the up cycling of an old Victorian desk not to mention what I learnt about damp but don’t want to over load you all. If you did see something that you want to know more about get in touch and I am very happy to share!!
 That’s enough for one night though, lots of nice comments on Twitter and Facebook from people and I want to respond and thank them all so I had better get to it.
Night night one and all xx
Lynne x
Ps Do you think Kelvin noticed that I painted ‘I love 1D’ on his wall at one point!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Logs … not just any logs…..

  1. samantha says:

    Caught the show last night, loved your design. Well done.

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