Victorian Desk Recipie.

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January 27, 2014 by lovenellie

 Recipe for a Victorian desk project.


Old Desk

Annie Sloan paint in colour of choice.

Annie Sloan Clear wax

sandpaper fine.

Old sock.

Elbow Grease


As you will have seen in the Great Interior Design Challenge I up-cycle an old Victorian style desk for the very lucky and frankly completely underwhelmed Kelvin.

The style of desk that I used has gone out of style in recent years, the dark wood and overly ornate handles don’t really compliment more modern interiors. Therefore you can actually pick up a really quality pieces of furniture for next to nothing and we all love a bargain.


I found mine in Reading in an antiques market called Fanny’s but if you type ‘Victorian Style Desk’ into E-Bay then hundreds come up.The leather pad on the top of my desk was in good condition and although there were a few scratches on the wood of the desk on the whole was in great condition.I decided that I wanted to give it an industrial masculine twist so choose a very dark grey paint by Annie Sloan called Graphite.

For those of you not familiar with the cult that is now ANNIE SLOAN it’s a chalk based paint that covers furniture with little or no preparation needed. I decided to do a two colour approach and did the first coat in old white followed by two coats of the graphite. This then meant that when I distressed the desk with the sand paper the white of the first layer showed through.

Basically distressing of the desk means sanding the paint away in areas of the desk that would over time have had more wear and tear which gives it an aged feel ( handles, corners etc) Believe me that desk was not the only thing in the room that was distressed by the end of the show.!!!

Once distressed its then time to add the clear wax to the desk. This makes the paint a bit darker and also protects the paintwork from spillages, seals it if you like. I have a bit of a strange way of doing this but I find it works for me, wear old socks on your hands and then you can use the socks instead of a cloth or brush to massage the wax into the wood. You look like a crazy Kids TV presenter doing a puppet show while you’re doing it but it helps get the wax into all the curves of the wood.

As I did it live on the show, I don’t really have a great picture of the finished desk, you can see much better photos in the book that accompanies the series but this kind of shows the finished product. Please excuse the rather large light, this was something the film crew were using to highlight my wrinkles and pores and was not part of my overall design!


I found this picture though and I think this desk looks great and it shows you what I had in mind…


So there you go if you fancy a bit of a project you can create something totally unique for your home that does not cost a lot. Get in touch and share your projects I always love to see what you have been up to.

Thats all folks, happy rainy Monday .

Love Lynne xx


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