January 30, 2014 by lovenellie

As you will know I love all things vintage and salvage so what on earth would I be doing in Ikea I hear you ask? Well other than treating myself to a cinnamon bun and coffee ( only 99p ..rude not to!), I think that Ikea has some real gems. Combining some of their pieces with other older pieces in your home can help you create a home with style, and individuality … for not much money.

The new catalogue has been out for a while and I know I have been slightly brainwashed with my love of all things Scandinavian but there really are some fab things. Lots of things which look like they cost lots but are actually very reasonable. Ikea seems to have a great team of designers working for them so don’t be a flatpack snob! So I thought i would summarise my top pics for you all.

1)Fabrikor – a new style glass cabinet  Its only £150.00 but I think looks much more and comes in an array of colours . This would look perfect filled with china as a display cabinet in a kitchen but with its retro industrial feel i think it would look great in a bathroom too.


2) The STOCKHOLM 3 seater sofa in sandbacka green is a style sensation.The colour of this sofa is amazing, it has a real vintage feel to it, and those clever Scandinavians have made it so that all the covers can be taken off and dry cleaned. You don’t often find something that looks so chic yet is so practical too.

sandbacker gremstockholm-sofa__0185128_PE336924_S4

3 )  The Stora Loft Bed.This is genius for bigger children and teenagers where space may be an issue as it has a double bed on the top and then lots of space underneath.  You can have a desk, bookcase, soft seating etc all popped underneath the bed. You are effectively doubling up the space you have in a room. I don’t think it’s a new addition to Ikea but its look has been updated this year and in the white I think any big kid will think this uber cool !
bunk bed
4) Raskog trolley This is such a useful trolley on wheels, it could be used in the kitchen for extra storage or if like me you’re a bit into your crafting ( that makes me sound like I am one hundred and ten with a blue rinse!) then its the perfect place to store everything. It also has a retro feel about it.

Also a bit of fun is the IKEA hackers website

IkeaHackers.net is a site about modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products. Hacks, as they call it can be as simple as adding an embellishment, some others may require power tools and lots of ingenuity. I love having a look for some cheeky ideas!
So there you go, its well worth a visit, with a careful eye and a creative mind Ikea has some great pieces, take it easy on the meatballs though!
Thanks all.
Lynne xx

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  1. Paul Dixon says:

    Hi Lynne thanks for the follow on twitter nice blog take a look at our Facebook
    Would be good if we could work together on some up and coming projects. Paul.

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