Heat ring on wood DRAMA!!!


January 31, 2014 by lovenellie

Very cross with myself as placed a very hot cup of coffee on my hall table and its left a white round circle, classic case of trying to do too much at once, answer the phone, find kids shoes and I stupidly popped the mug down without thinking. Annoyingly this is not the first time that I have done it…

wood circle

Fear not as I have a solution and I know you will think I’m a bit bonkers but it really does work. MAYONNAISE.! I use Hellmann’s but that’s only because that’s what is in the fridge any mayo will work.


Pop a large dollop of the Mayonnaise on top of the circle, leave it for at least 24 hours and then simply wipe away. It really works, there is no trace of the circle from the last time I did the same thing, the mayonnaise totally restored the look of the wood.

So fingers crossed.If your planning on popping around for a cuppa over the next day or so that will save me explaining the hall table situation!!!!


Oh and as we are on the subject of housewife type cleaning tips.. white toothpaste left on a water mark on wood for about 1 minute and then wiped off gently with a damp cloth can also work.

So of you do find an old bit of furniture for your home that has some white rings on it, don’t think its a no go. Try the mayonnaise trick and its amazing what you can restore!

That’s quite enough cleaning chat for one year!!!!!! Have a great weekend all.

Oh and if you missed by Guest Blog for Heritage Bathrooms click here to have a read.


Over and out

Lynne x


One thought on “Heat ring on wood DRAMA!!!

  1. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the tips! I have a water mark on our dining table which I had given up trying to remove but going to try the toothpaste method! Fingers crossed x

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