Instant Bathroom Update.

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February 9, 2014 by lovenellie

Hope your all having a good weekend.

I just wanted to post today a bit about sealant. I know, I know, it sounds totally uninspiring but before you stop reading and click on to the next mail in your inbox bear with me for a moment.

Nothing lets a bathroom down more than grubby, cracked or mouldy seals around your bath or shower. Its a job that only requires a little skill for maximum results. Fresh new white sealant can actually give a massive update to the look of your bathroom. This weekend it took me less than an hour to give a shower a ‘Lynne Lambourne’ Makeover!!

So then what’s the scoop, how easy is it…..

Sealant of course !!! – you can get some which come in a cartridge which requires a gun to apply but keep it simple and opt for Unibond Easy Smooth Sealant with ready to use applicator. This video really explains how easy it is.

you also need….

White Spirit.

Scraper of some sort- I used a putty knife.

Wipes and kitchen roll for clearing mess.

Bowl of warm water with Fairy liquid.

A bit of energy and enthusiasm!

Method. ( check out pics below too)

1)Firstly you need to get rid of all the old sealant. DONT think you can just cut corners and go over the old stuff. The new sealant wont stick and it will end up a mess. Good preparation is the key to a successful job.

2) Use the white spirit to clean away the old sealant, it kind of dissolves the sealant making it easier to pull away, use the knife to dig it out and for any tricky bits that you can’t dig out use a pair of tweezers.

3) Once its all cleaned out, wipe it all down and then dry it thoroughly. Some people at this point pop masking tape on either side of the gap so that they can get neat edges I don’t think you really need to but if it gives you more confidence go for it.

4) Make sure you have your bowl of water with washing up liquid at the ready and fill the gap with the sealer. ( the video shows you) The Unibond applicator is very easy to use and my top tip it to be bold, don’t be scared. Hold the container tight and quickly with a smooth and definite action run the sealant along the gap.

5) Once the Sealant is in the gap, pop your finger in the bowl of washing up liquid water and run it along the sealant. This smooth’s the sealant into the gap and makes a neat finish without the sealant sticking to your finger. I use my finger to wipe off any larger blobs and also make a smooth edge. I also use a baby wipe as I go along to wipe and clean away any extra bits that I don’t want, to keep it all neat.

6) Once you are happy with it and its all neat, leave it and don’t shower or get it wet for about 48 hours.

7) Job done.!

Now that would have cost you £££££ to get a handyman to come and do.

sealant 1

Now I think that’s quite a difference…. if I say so myself.

My other top tip is not to do it if you have just had our nails painted!!! Sealant looks great, nails are a shocker!


Catch you later.

Lynne x


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