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February 12, 2014 by lovenellie



Valentines is now only two days away. Petrol stations have ordered in extra stock of half dead flowers and OneStop shops across the nation have popped boxes of Milk Tray on special offer.
It’s all about LOVE this week so I thought I would make a list of the things that I am LOVING interior wise.

Firstly I am loving the fabrics and cushions from Jessica Zoobs . The fabric on this sofa is called Pleasure Gardens Velvet Bloom and is from her ‘Desire’ collection and is a definite contender for the chair I want to recover. The combination of colours and textures are so clever I think by covering anything in this fabric you would turn it into a work of art!


Jessica Zoob also has some amazing cushions that would jazz up any boring sofa.

cushion 4  cushion 2

Maybe its the dull weather and my wishful thinking that I am actually somewhere tropical but I’ve also fallen head over heels IN LOVE with this wallpaper.

brian atwood  imagesHWGFHQH9

If it looks familiar to you, that’s because it’s all over the Beverly Hills Hotel (and I know your always hanging out there!) Its been around for about 60 years and is still bang on trend! Its made by Hinson and Co and is called  MARTINIQUE IN GREEN but it seems very difficult to get hold of. If you like it Cole and Son do a very similar one called Palm Jungle and you can get this at Wallpaper Direct     imagesMFOFKP7Z

Ok and I admit I have a crush on the new range of Industrial Inspired furniture from French Connection. French connection seem to be getting better and better with their homeware and this collection reminds me of the Danish House Doctor brand. Its not too expensive and has a real designer edge.


Oh and saw this and thought it was a fab idea to make heart-shaped cupcakes for that someone special. They always say it’s the simplest ideas that are the best, just pop a marble in next to the cake lines and as the cake cooks it goes in to a heart shape…aaahhhhhhhh!!!66e556a394bcd4441cd2e36a07717953 Over and out, have a lovely Valentines day all. Spare a thought for my Postman who will be dreading having to haul the bag containing the hundreds of cards I get each year up my drive. NOT!

Lynne x


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