Chalet Style.

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February 24, 2014 by lovenellie

Firstly apologies for the Radio Silence, I have spent the last week mostly chasing a five-year old at 90mph down the side of a mountain. I have severe muscle ache and an alarming addiction to ‘Rescue Remedy’ oral spray to prove it.


Just to make you jealous I actually saw the sun !!

Anyway the skiing was great, there is something so amazing about being in the mountains in all the fresh air, made all the better by returning to a ski chalet or hotel decorated to make you feel all warm and cosy. Returning to this every night was lovely.


Residence le Ruitor Sainte Foy.

The Ski chalet/lodge/cabin is a look that I love, the combination of natural woods, stone and furs is not only warm and inviting but practical too. I also like the fact that many chalets have large balconies that can be used to bring the indoors out if you like, with large sofa’s, rugs and fireplaces that allow you to sit with a view of the mountains while being all snug.



 A few more images that gave me room envy!


 So I thought I would give you a few ideas if you wanted to cosy up your living room and go a bit Chalet Stylee.

1 ) ESSENTIAL …You need lots of fur throws. Next has a great selection.


2) Round logs.. ( you know me and my logs) stack them near a fireplace or fill a basket with them. The more the better.

3) Antlers… a chalet must in the absence of a Moose head. These are just great from Cox and Cox.


4) Go mad and add some skis, I have some just waiting to be attached to a wall which my Dad found at an antiques market. Check out Sunbury or Ardingly antiques market for similar.


5) Outdoor furniture that looks a lot like indoor furniture. One of the cafe’s up in the mountains had this set on their balcony and it looked fantastic.

oui est paul

They come in all colours and are plastic so wipeable and can be left outside all year. They are by French company  ‘Qui est Paul’ . A bit pricey but I loved them in bright pink with a few fur cushions and throws thrown on, an all year outdoors sofa.

6) Something that I think would fit in with the look and that I am going to try to make  is a tree stump table. Looks very easy ( and cheap to do) Click on this link for some instructions from Wikihow.


Right folks time to get back to the day job… the washing machine has been on overload since I got back.. it’s all glamour for me.

Speak soon.

Love Lynne x


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