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March 10, 2014 by lovenellie

Every space is different and how to best utilise the space you have is always a challenge. Whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom or hallway the design is the first stage to getting it right.

One of my latest finds is Burlanes Interiors who offer a service where they will design and make the perfect cupboards for your space. They are based in Kent so work mainly in the London and South East but their service travels this week they are in the Isle of Skye! So they can travel to you. I just love things that are made in the UK by skilled Craftsmen.

Burlanes 1

Burlanes design and create bespoke furniture of the highest quality in their on-site workshop to transform living spaces, well thought out storage and cupboards can transform a space and help make us all that little bit tidier!

In one of their recent kitchen installations everything was handmade in their workshop and then transferred to the site to install. They clearly knew that this client was someone who appreciated the need for good storage. This concealed laundry is a perfect, workable solution and wonderful use of space. I for one am telling myself that if I had a laundry room that looked like that I would be much more organised!


So if your planning a project you can see how important the planning of exactly what you need to store is. With careful consideration you can maximise the space that you have and hide areas that are not so lovely to look at.

For loads more storage ideas check out the Burlanes Pinterest page ..careful though its addictive, I can easily lose a few hours looking at all the lovely pictures.

With all this talk of fantastic storage solutions I feel the need to go and tidy my cupboards which somehow now feel woefully inadequate having seen all these ideas.

Keep tidy!!

Lynne x


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