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March 18, 2014 by lovenellie

Sorry for the radio silence on the Blog front but last week was a busy one. I spent most of the week with the super clever Sophie Robinson one of the judges from ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’ as she styled some room sets for the Ideal Home Magazine Section at the Ideal Home show. The theme was ‘Industrial Revolution’. Sophie used lots of industrial lighting and rustic textures and deep mineral colours to create an amazing set of rooms. They really are worth a visit and the thing that I just loved about it all, was that nothing ( with maybe the exception of the super duper bath) was too expensive, proving that style can be affordable and  much of it is available on the high street so it’s accessible to all too.

The few days that I spent as an Interior Stylist’s assistant were such fun, I learnt all about the styling process, a few tricks of the trade, got to unpack loads of boxes jam packed with lovely things ( a bit like when your wedding list arrives!) and was able to offer my log stacking skills once again!!!!


The amount of work that goes into the room sets is amazing. They are built from scratch and within two days looked totally amazing. It was lovely to see the talented handymen from the show again as they set to work building a whole kitchen and tiling a bathroom. Jane Beale  another of the contestants from the show was also assisting Sophie and we had such a giggle. If there had been cameras following us around then it would have felt just like being in one of the episodes of the show.

janehandymenhandymen 2

If you do get a chance pop along and see the show, it’s well worth a visit especially if you have a project on the go. You can pick up listings of where all the items used in the Ideal home Room Sets are from and its great for inspiration. My favourite room was the dining room but here’s a few of pics to inspire you.


bathroom 1 bath dining room living room 2living room

So get your comfy shoes on and hot foot it to the big smoke and see what all the fuss is about.  I learnt so much and had such a fantastic time setting it all up. I hope you enjoy seeing it. If you can’t make it the rooms will all be featured in Ideal Home Magazine later in the year.


Thanks all

Lynne xx


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