Blue is the colour….

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April 12, 2014 by lovenellie

If like me you live with a Chelsea footy supporter this is not a chant that is unfamiliar but it would seem that of late it really does ring true. Now when I say blue I don’t mean the safe duck egg blue that has been a palette staple for years in the Laura Ashley design studio ( yawn). I am talking about the type of blue that you notice, that makes you stop in your tracks and you start thinking ummmm where can I use that in my house it looks bloomin marvellous.

Well funny enough that’s exactly what happened to me this week on a visit to Plas Newydd an amazing National Trust Property on Anglsey, set on the shores of the Menai Strait amidst breathtakingly beautiful scenery its well worth a visit if your passing! Proving that this ‘Blue’ craze is not just a new thing, I think the last time this house was decorated was before the 1930’s, But to me the room looked like it could well have jumped from the pages of ‘Living Etc’ this month.


Now if you like the look of this paint a similar can be bought from Little Green Paint Company – Juniper Ash (115)  or  Abigal Ahern  who is frankly a design inspiration has a new range of paints out and her Bowery Blue  looks to be amazing and you don’t need me to tell you about Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue (281)  as its the most talked about paint colour since magnolia!!!

Now, when you show it to your choice of pant to your other half or a friend they are bound to offer some frankly useless advice along the lines of ” wont that make the room very dark and small” IGNORE, with the right lighting and accents of lighter colours in the room it will look amazing. Be confident!

I have also had a few other ‘ wooow nice blue’ moments, I love the blues used by The Winchester tile company. Patterned tiles are really of the moment and the use of blue in these classic designs somehow now seems to make them very edgy and modern.

Blue tiles 2        tiles 3

Now could not mention blue with out mentioning the most famous of blue things, Blue Denim  and I found this picture on pinterest and thought it not only looks fab but would also be such a practical covering for a sofa. Hardwearing, would not show the stains and trendy.!! Errr hello DFS are you listening!!

blue denim sofa

So even if Chelsea lose to Swansea tomorrow, Blue is still the colour.!!!!

Love Lynne x

NB- all footy related knowledge was not my own.!!



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