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April 16, 2014 by lovenellie

As you will know and see from the things I stock on my website  I have a bit of a passion for vintage things and just love heading out for the day in search of lovely things to accessorize your home with.Yesterday I spent the day in the lovely sunshine at Ardingly Antiques and collectors fair, I don’t think I have seen it so busy for quite a while and there where lots of amazing things to buy as well as a large dose of the weird and wonderful. A few weeks ago I also went to the Newbury Market   and again lovely weather and lots of amazing things to be seen. Although not an IACF run market Sunbury Antiques market is also another great day out. All events at Sunbury are held every Second and Last Tuesday of every month

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So as I love these days out so much, I thought I would pass on my top tips for a successful day at one of these IACF -international antiques &
collectors fairs to all you lovely people.

1) Get their early- set that alarm and go go go… the earlier you get there the better the pick. I always try to get there for when the gates open. There are coffee wagons dotted around so you can grab a coffee early doors and then wonder around to your heart’s content.

2) Look closely and take your time, not everything jumps out at you immediately, can you picture it in your home painted a different colour or with different handles.? Could it be used for something other than its original purpose. Gym lockers as shoe storage, milk churns as plant pots etc etc. There are also stalls that sell really useful bits and bobs that can help transform the look of something. We managed to find a stall selling new feet for sofa’s along with lots of other drawer knobs etc and they transformed the look of a friends sofa in seconds once home.


3)Don’t always accept the first price that your given, haggle a bit but don’t be rude. Whilst you want to get a good price remember to be fair and polite. Being nice and pleasant goes a long way and if like me you’re a regular if your horrible they will remember you and business wont be so easy in the future.

4) Always stop for a snack.. shopping and making decisions on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Yesterday I was thrilled to discover a German sausage Stall… result!!!aaabbbb


5) If its big and heavy and you worry about getting it home ask if they will deliver, lots of the stallholders will for a small fee and if not they may have a contact that can.Also don’t worry about lugging it across the fair to get it home, you can after a certain time drive your car up to the stalls and load it in.

6) At the end of the day if all the good stuff has not gone you may find a bargain, stallholders can’t be bothered to load things up and take them home so may be up for offering a better price. It does mean hanging about all day and at two-day events means waiting until the end.

7) My most important tip is .. if you see it and you love it…BUY IT. If you leave and have a think it wont be there when you go back and you will have missed out. Don’t worry about if it’s in ‘fashion’ or if your friends will like it. Trust your instinct and just go for it. Its your home nobody elses and you should fill it with things you love and that make you smile on the inside everyday when you look at them. At Newbury I found this vintage piece of thick velvet, I have no idea what I will do with it ( maybe cover a seat/sofa) but I saw it and loved it and it was a good price too, that always helps.( please excuse the hat !)


8) Feel wrong advising people on attire after looking at my hat in the last picture but comfy shoes are a must and take several bags with you, it’s not the co-op, when you do make a purchase they don’t really have bags. Life is much easier if you take your own stash.

Well that’s all folks, maybe see you at the coffee lorry at the next one, and if like me you love that Vintage look don’t forget I stock lots of lovely finds on the shop section of my website… and if you ever want me to look out for something specific for you just get in touch.

Oh and for the strangest sight of the day, a life-size mannequin of a really ugly old lady swearing with her two fingers ??? Needless to say I did not part with my cash.


Happy Days !!!

Lynne x




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