Spring Clear out.

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April 27, 2014 by lovenellie

Now that Spring is here and I can venture in to the garage for more than 5 minutes without fear of losing a finger from frostbite I decided the time was right for a good clear out. I was also getting slightly concerned that my next TV appearance may be on ‘The Hoarder next door’!!

I think that lots of us worry that we have run out of space in our homes, cupboards are bursting and any spare space in attics, garages ect are rammed full of boxes. Now I am the first person to advocate the re- purposing and reusing of old things rather than to buy new,so in no way am I saying its time to bin old special things but I think a spot of reorganisation and evaluation of what we have is a very healthy process.



After a day of clearing out I have ten bin liners and one very large box,all heading to my local Charity donation point. With a bit of research you can find your nearest charity shop. If you’re in the Oxfordshire area like me, I can recommend the Sue Ryder Hospice at Nettlebed who accept donations daily from 9-12.30pm. They do amazing work so if you can support them please do. A full list of what they accept can be found on the website.

sue ryder

Another top tip at the moment is that Hennes are offering £5.00 vouchers to be spent in store when you drop off a bag of old clothes to one of their stores as part of their ‘Conscious fashion’ campaign.

I got rid of lots of old clothes today and made loads of space in my wardrobe, I think as a rule of thumb of you have not worn it for a year it can go.If your hanging onto something that is actually made for a size 0 supermodel in the vain hope that the new sugar-free diet you cut out from the YOU magazine will help you fit into it again – GET RID, it wont.!!

Go through everything you have and make sure you only keep the things you really love and that make you smile. Always keep your re-purposing eyes on the look out, can something be changed into something else with a lick of paint or used for another purpose to what it was originally intended for. That way it wont have to spend its life in a box in storage.

A few things that I learnt on my clear out today.

I have a lot of electrical leads and chargers for devices that are no longer. Such a silly waste of space.

Despite hanging on to odd socks and gloves for several years the other ones still seem to be missing in action. I have now accepted that they may never return and have binned them.

I cannot keep hold of every toy and every single little outfit that my daughters wore or played with no matter how sentimental they make me feel. It’s much better to just organise one box of super special things. Toys need to be played with not stored in boxes in my damp garage!

Just because I think I looked lush wearing it at University(??) it’s not going to go down as well on the school run. Times change and unless I win the lottery and have a walk in wardrobe ‘Kardashian’ style I cannot possibly keep everything.

So I recommend a good spring clear out, it’s all very well painting your walls that latest shade of blue and accessorizing the home beautifully but if everything falls out on top of you when you open a cupboard then its time to load up that car with all the things that you can live WITHOUT!!

May the clear out force be with you!

Love Lynne x











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