Kitchen work-surface up-cycle….


June 27, 2014 by lovenellie

One of the most expensive things to replace in any home is the kitchen, it’s the room that we spend the most time, slaving over a hot stove and washing up !!!!?? Its relativity easy to up-cycle those kitchen cupboards with a lick of paint, a roller and some nice new door knobs but if the worktops look tired and yucky then its going to ruin your look.

Granite worktops are practical and durable so you wont have this problem if you have them in your kitchen, but wood worktops well that’s a different story. Whilst wood worktops at first can look amazing over time they can become black with mould around the sink. Annoyingly oil, water and heat can all leave their marks and the actual colour preference of the wood has changed over the last few years and people really don’t want the orange stain so much preferring a more bleached wood look.

Well this week I was blown away with the results on a kitchen revamp project so much so that i thought i would share it with you. This kitchen has benefited from all the kitchen cupboards being painted in lovely farrow and ball shades and looks amazing but in my opinion what has really transformed the look and made it appear like a whole new kitchen is the work to the work-surfaces as you can see from these before and after shots.

before    worktop after

So what’s the secret ….

First sand down your existing work surface obviously unless you have arm muscles like Pop-eye then I recommend and electric sander.

Next get rid of all the dust- a hoover may be a good idea.

Then rub in the Henley Pre White stain available from Neptune with a brush wiping off any excess with a cloth.

workyops   worktops man wprktps 4


Then rub on the Neptune Isoguard treatment Oil this stuff is amazing and is based on products used to protect wood on boats so you know its going to be hard wearing. Neptune using advanced nanotechnology research undertaken by the sailing industry have developed a product that penetrates into the wood, leaving no residual layer on the surface and protecting each individual molecule of the timber. Once this is rubbed in then the work surface is super protected and it wont stain or mark. At £60.00 a tin its not cheap but compare that with a new worktop and your saving a fortune. You really dont need much of it on your cloth a little goes a long way.

Next leave it for a day or so to soak in. Job Done

So there you have it a quick and easy way to revamp your surfaces it also works on dinning and kitchen tables too.

worktops table  worktops 5

Keep following the Love Nellie facebook page and i will pop some pics on of the whole kitchen when its all done.The pictures really don’t show you the transformation but if you have a go yourself you will be amazed.

That’s all folks if any of you give it a go I would love to see the results…

Have a lovely weekend.







2 thoughts on “Kitchen work-surface up-cycle….

  1. Ottiebow says:


    Just interested how well the isoguard protected the worktops, does it still look good?

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