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July 25, 2014 by lovenellie

Its no surprise to you all that I am a massive lover of all things vintage. Imagine how much I enjoyed my trip to the Isle of Wight last week to stay in a converted old Mission. Built in 1865 that had been lovely restored to be an amazing and totally unique holiday rental rented though Vintage Vacations. The fact that the sun shone while we were there and my trusty iphone advised me that temperatures were hotter than Faro made it even better.

Externally the building has been restored and remains the same as it always was. A Victorian tin tabernacle church, its even still painted in the original vibrant red and green colours.


But once you unlock the front door you are transported to somewhere very very special. The  funky ‘building within a building’  gives two mezzanine bedrooms floating in the roofspace above a large living space filled with amazing retro furniture pieces and a huge wood burning stove. There is a luxuriously large bathroom with a sunken bath nestled into what was the baptismal font. At the back of the main hall is the kitchen and dining area that contains a beautiful ‘English Rose’ 1950′s kitchen that looks as if it has always lived there. The attention to detail is superb, the way things have been collected together is so clever that you don’t feel like your in a museum, the combination with all mod cons is seamless. Someone with a clear eye for styling and design has worked their magic here.

Leading from the kitchen is the ‘Sunday school’ annexe with 1 double / twin room and a bunk bedroom, plus a further WC and lovely big shower all decorated with a vintage twist and at times particularly in the children’s bunk bed room I felt quite emotional as things from he past sparked a memory or two.

It was amazing to enjoy being surrounded by so many lovely things and the space at The Mission would be perfect for a gathering for a special occasion.

I just had to show you a few photos of the things that inspired me.

photo 1 (5)


photo 3 (2)


photo 4



The top things on my ‘Love List’……

1)The Parker Knoll Statesmen Egg retro chairs… super comfy and oh so stylish. For similar you have to keep your eye out on Ebay, car boots and vintage stores. They are not easy to come by but their amazing design is timeless. So keep your peepers peeled.

photo (16)




2) I hate the look of Plasma screens on walls and I love the way that this one had been partially disguised by the use of the 50’s and 60’s artwork all in a carefully selected colour palette… the old shop counter sideboard is amazing too. For similar you would again have to keep an eye out in charity shops etc.

photo (15)

3) The Cream wood-burning stove made a real statement…  and actually lightens up what could have been quite a dark corner. If like me you have  already had a black one for years.. fear not it can be changed using Charnwood Colour Pack Spray Paint in Cream... a much more affordable solution than a new stove.




As you can see I came back with lots of lovely ideas, feeling relaxed and even a bit suntanned. Vintage Vacations have several places to choose from to stay as well as a whole fleet of Air stream Caravans that you can hire out. I just know that the next holiday rental or hotel room I stay at is going to seem very very dull and bland in comparison. Its lovely to be clever and use retro pieces in such a inspired way that they almost become super trendy and modern again. Next time you see something in the charity shop don’t be scared to try to incorporate it into your home… you may just surprise yourself with the cool result!!

Over and out and back to the sunshine…

Love Lynne


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