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May 12, 2015 by lovenellie

Just a quick post for you this evening as I am writing this with one eye on the BAFTAS .

Thought I would share with you a few things that have discovered on my design journey this week.

First up anyone who follows the Love Nellie Facebook Page will know that I have just finished giving my youngest daughters bedroom a bit of a makeover. What I really wanted to do was create a ‘New England’ type feel in the room through the use of a wood paneling tongue and groove wallpaper. Anyway I searched and searched and most of the samples I came across were too rustic looking, giving more of a driftwood painted white effect when really what I wanted was a paneling look. Anyway, I eventually found the perfect one which I wanted to share with you. Its by Andrew Martin and its called Cabin – £69.90 per roll and comes in several shades but it really looks like wood paneling when its on the wall and I love it.

andrew martin


Secondly I have been trying to source a clock for a kitchen project and in my mind and I wanted a retro style flip calendar clock. The flip calendar clocks can add an industrial edge to a room.


I have fallen in love with Grayson clocks particularly this silver grey digital wall clock, it is perfect to complete the look that I have in mind. It is a bit of an investment buy but it is a key piece in the styling that can set the tone of the room.









Another thing on my lust list is this ‘Normal is boring’ light; available form cool Homewares store Austella Hrela  its an expensive accessessory but if you think of it as an investment piece of art that may make it more palatable.I saw in used in one of the room sets at the Ideal Home Live show and it was love at first sight.



Fabric Crush Alert!

Whilst looking for fabrics for a job this week I came across this amazing fabric from  Timorous Beasties. It is called ‘White Moth Allover’ and is £96.00 per meter (punchy) but it’s lovely. I quite like the fact that you have to stare at it to see the moths, the colour is fab. It also comes as a wallpaper too.

timourous timoirs 2




timourous 3

  Lastly…..One of my top tips for ‘Styling your home for less’

If you have shelves or an area free where you can display some objects then make sure you make the most of it. Look around your home and ornaments that you already have and then look for a common theme or colour palate. I love lots of old glass bottles and vases, I got most of these in charity shops. Pictures don’t always have to be popped on the walls you can rest them against the wall as I have here and it adds interest by layering. I won’t bore you with anymore log tips – been there and done that – everyone knows that I just love to use them to add texture and interest. If you grow Aliums in your garden then don’t cut them, leave them to die and dry out first then you can cut them and pop them in vases with no water and they look amazing and will last for years. Combine these sorts of things with interesting things that mean something personal to you  (you can see my first shoes etc. on the shelves) all in a similar colours and you are onto a winner!

Posh design types call these displays  vignettes but it basically means creating displays of objects you love around your room.

Satsun Cottage0999


Right … that’s all folks off to paint some chair legs for a armchair that I am having reupholstered. Have a great few days. Speak soon.


Lynne x


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