Chelsea Flower Show 2015


May 27, 2015 by lovenellie

Last week I popped on thermals, made sure I had waterproof shoes on and headed to Chelsea Flower Show. I made a school girl error and left my umbrella on the hall table but thankfully went with kind friends who were happy to offer shelter when the heavens opened (numerous times) !

Time inbtween

Despite the rubbish weather it was a great day and the show gardens were amazing, my personal favorite was ‘The Time in Between’  Garden by Husqvarna and Gardena which had such a special message behind it too. Stunning colours and lots of Alliums.For me though it was not just a chance to look at flowers and plants but a chance to be inspired by what the designers had added to their garden to make them individual. Last year when I went, I wrote my blog about how I was inspired to use my garden as an extension of the house. It spurred me on to create and outdoor living room but this year the thing that inspired me most was the use of upcycled things in the garden.

The kids and i love toasting marshmallows in our outside living room type space.


I just love it when i see things that people may otherwise have binned being used for another purpose and the garden it the perfect place to get creative.

I spotted lots of examples of this on my way around the show, these old oil lanterns had been re-purposed as outdoor vases. Imagine decorating your garden for a wedding or a party and using these to display the flowers in.

gardening 56

I also loved the use of logs to create interest , this has been done lots inside the house but it looks great in the garden too, I loved this wall made from slices of logs and I bet bugs would love hanging out in it.


A great way to add individuality and interest to a garden is the containers that you use for planting things in.  l loved the use of these perspex ones and I bet the kids would love them especially when the worms moved in and you had a living wormary .It does not always have to be boring terracotta pots that never last a through a very cold winter anyway that you use.



Everything from old doors to pallets can be used to add interest to a garden it’s just about being creative and a tiny bit clever. Most things wont cost a fortune, unlike the things you can buy in your local garden centre and if you upcycle something then you know nobody else will have it ! Add some individuality to your space. These are a few of my favorite ideas of the moment….




gardening 9gaarden 8


garden 4



garden 5


garden 8

Lucky chickens!




garden n7  garden 6









gardening 22



So there is your challenge of the week, see what you can do in your garden and report back with results.. there is a garden gnome prize for the best one!


Speak soon.




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