Tree House Envy.


June 2, 2015 by lovenellie

Happy June all, although seems more like February if you ask me,as I’m sitting here I’m contemplating turning up that dial again on the thermostat and I have popped the Ugg boots back on. If anyone has the phone number of the dude who told us to cut down on using aresols as they caused global warning can they send it to me, I want a word !

Today i just wanted to quickly share with you something that totally blew me away (and I don’t mean in the bad weather sense) as you will know from reading my blog and all my social media chat I have an above average interest with building things and upcycling. Imagine then my delight at being invited to spend the day here with my two girls.




This treehouse has been cleverly designed to fit around the  tree , the design means that when the leaves are out the treehouse is is largely hidden, at the moment the wood is very new but as it ages I can imagine that it will blend into the tree beautifully.


The treehouse has been built for three little boys as a playhouse and a space going forward that they can enjoy with their friends. It certainly would guarantee that playdates would always want to come to your house and when they get to teenagers its going to be cool ‘no adult’ zone whilst still being within the watchful eye of Mum and Dad.There were so many clever little touches that I loved. A garden bench has had its legs cut off and had been upcycled to a garden swing.The bench hangs beneath the tree it looked like the perfect place to chill out with a copy of Living ect and a coffee. The bunk beds had been designed to fit into the corner space but were actually triple beds allowing for six people to comfortably sleep there.





IMG_2299 (1)








The way the tree grows through the tree house is so much fun and made me feel a bit like I was in a Ewock house in Starwars, it added a real feature to the space it felt magical rather than feeling you were just in a wooden box. The addition of some cool festoon lights and Fatboy bean bags made it a really cool hangout space and they have not even finished the work yet so I am super excited to pop back and see if all finished. It’s so lovely to spend time with people who are not afraid to be creative, I came home totally inspired.

Well I was just so excited about it all i thought i would pass it on to you. It’s such a clever idea to invest a bit of money in a space that will last, the family who have built have roughly spend about £2500 doing all the work but that’s with using lots of wood from their garden and re purposing lots of things to save money.

If there was a ‘Treehouse of the Year ‘ competition this one would surely get my vote. One that note I will report back with more info of when ‘Shed of the Year ‘ can be seen on your screens I know the judges are busy making decision this week as if you have liked this post you will LOVE the show.

That’s all folks, a heat wave is on the way I hear so the perfect time to get outside and paint and upcycle something in the sunshine.

Dont forget the suncream!

Speak soon and if you have any fabulous projects like this on the go I would love to hear about them.



Lynne xx






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  1. Lara Hamilton-Shaw says:

    Love it. What’s the response been like?

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