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June 8, 2015 by lovenellie

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Busy and exciting times in the Love Nellie workshop this week as I have been invited to take part in the Gumtree Upcycling Blogger challenge. Gumtree has handpicked 20 UK bloggers to battle it out in an upcycling challenge. I am lucky enough to have been selected and my mission is to purchase something from Gumtree, upcycle it, get it to London for the 16th of June for an exclusive exciting blogger event, where the lovely and hugely talented Max McMurdo upcycling expert will select his favorite item.

The rules of the game so to speak are that no more than £100 should be spent on the item and that the item fits into one of three challenges:

Challenge One: Create a piece of living room furniture or a functional storage item.

Challenge Two: Create a storage item for jewellery, makeup or accessories for the bedroom.

Challenge Three: Create a storage item or functional item for the garden

The winner of the event will win £500 to give to their chosen charity and the fun does not stop there, once the event is over the item will then be listed on Gumtree and the money raised will also go to the charity.

After the event I have been asked to feature on the Gumtree website as a ‘Gumtree’ upcycling expert and answer questions and help inspire others to create amazing things with their Gumtree purchases. My projects will feature in the ‘how to’ profiles section hopefully inspiring people to join the #upcyclingrevolution which is just lovely.

I am well on my way having purchased my items and collected them in my trusty Hyundai Santa Fe. I have to admit that it was the first time I had ever used Gumtree and I was amazed how easy it was. I was able to select the area that I wanted to be able to collect the item from and also there was a search engine which allowed be to narrow down exactly what I was looking for was super helpful.


For anyone wanting to take on an upcycling project my advice would be to just surf and shop in an area that you feel happy to drive and collect from with an open mind. Upcycling is about looking at other people junk and suddenly thinking wow I know what I could do with that. Let your imagination run wild if you only surf for specifics you may just miss a gem that is waiting to be transformed.

Dont get to caught up with trying to be too clever, it does not have to mean that you find an old car engine and turn it into a bunk bed, or that you decoupage a dining room table with menus from your favorite takeaways (although they are interesting ideas). Think about what would fit in your home, the style of your home, subtle changes and a re-purpose of an item can breath new life into it without it having to be so drastic that it wins awards for quirkiness.  Change something to suit your style.

I promise you once you start looking the possibility’s are endless and with a bit of creative flare you can make something look amazing. I would love to tell you more about what I am working on but that would require a spoiler alert and I don’t want to give anything away just yet. I spent most of yesterday being busy in the workshop whilst singing along to the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect two (don’t ask!) I will in due course show you all before and after shots and talk you through the process but for now I just wanted to let you all know what I’m up to.

You can follow the challenge on Twitter with the event hashtag #Upcyclechallenge or @Gumtree and they also have a Gumtree facebook page.

Now my chosen charity is The British Thyroid Foundation   I have been living with Graves Disease for 5 years now and feel great most of the time (touch wood). I want to try to help raise money for them to continue to support sufferers with the information they provide and also the research that they do.


Would love to sit here chatting all night but some of use have major upcycling to do !!



So that’s my challenge, now I challenge you to get on to Gumtree and see what you can find, as always post me pictures let’s get busy with it.

Thats all folks, slightly wishing there were more hours in the day !


Lynne xx




One thought on “Gumtree #upcyclerevolution

  1. Vicky Myers says:

    Looking forward to seeing your creation, & meeting you on the 16th. It’s great fun:)!

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