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June 15, 2015 by lovenellie

At last I can come out of the workshop, after a week of hard graft and I can tell you all about what I have been up to ahead of the Gumtree event tomorrow night.

For those of you who read my blog you will know that I accepted the challenge to upcycle  something bought on Gumtree for the sum of £100 which will then be entered into a competition judged by Max McMurdo, the winner receiving £500.00 for their chosen charity, all part of the Gumtree Upcycle Revloution.

Anyway what did I decide to do? Well here it is..

gumtree 01gumtre02     cupboard23

It’s a 1980s computer or TV cupboard in that old classic orange pine that has gone out of fashion and I dont think will be returning anytime soon. These cabinets were perfect when computers were large and needed space for hard-drives and keypads but these days with the oh so modern ipads and teeny tiny laptops they have become a bit redundant. The chap that I bought this off said that his daughter had used it as her TV and video cabinet in her bedroom, again with the new flat screens we don’t need space to hide big TV’s.

The category that I decided to enter was Challenge Two- ‘Create a storage item for jewellery, makeup or accessories for the bedroom’. I wanted to upcycle the cupboard to a self-contained beauty box complete with mirror, stool and storage for all your jewels and make up and at the same time make it into a piece of furniture that would look amazing in any room.Sometimes its the simplest re- purpose ideas that can bring a piece of furniture back to life.


Stage One.( after getting it out of the car!)

gumtree03gumtree04 cupbaord 25

First I cleaned the piece and then filled in some of the holes with wood filler. The holes were from where I removed shelves to make space for the stool to be stored.Then I was ready to attack with Chalk Paint, I used Annie Sloan Old White as I figured it would create a piece that would fit easily into the colour schemes in most people’s bedrooms. I think the piece would have looked fantastic in dark grey too but in terms of a nice light area to sit and do your make up in, I had to stick to light colour. I also picked up an old stand alone mirror which needed to be  painted and I used an old coffee table for as tool.

Stage Two( after several tea breaks !)

After about 3 coats of the Annie Sloan paint it was time to sand down the piece (this stage is great for toning the arms!) I wanted to not only sand it to smooth out the paint work but also to give the piece a slightly aged look. (Do not say the words Shabby Chic I HATE them- nothing shabby about MY chic) It was amazing how the piece lost its 1980s feel and started to have a bit of character.

Gumtree 07 gumtree06 cupbaord 24


Stage Three ( is it wine o’clock yet)

Once I was happy with the look of the paint work I needed to protect it with the Annie Sloan Wax this would just mean that it would not let the paint get chipped and would make it water proof so if there were any spills on the dressing table they could be easily dealt with. I also wanted to add some lights to the inside of the cupboard so I picked up a strip light fitting Ikea and fitted it under the shelf so that it was hidden but still gave out the light.  I had also painted some hooks for jewellery to match in and I fitted these on the inside. The original draw sliders were not running smoothly so a quick trip to B&Q for some new ones and I fitted them, they were also in nicer colour !!

cupboard27  cupbaord 28  cupbaord 29

I think the addition of the lights made it look alot more expensive that it really was and also provided much needed light for when your doing your make up , nobody wants to go out looking like they had a fight with he bronzing blusher! New quirky door knobs also finished the piece of nicely.

Gumtree 08 Gumtree 11Gumtree 09


Stage Four.

The last thing needed was to get the piece to London all ready for the event, this involved alot of bubble wrap and a lovely Polish courier man who was having some Sat Nav issues!. So wish me luck for tomorrow I am looking forward to mixing and mingling with other Upcycling crazed people and swapping tips. It will be lovely to see Max McMurdo and hear of his latest upcycling adventures too. After a busy week of upcycling I think we all deserve a glass of bubbles or two!


Gumtree 17 Gumtree 19 Gumtree 20

Hope you like it and speak to you soon.

Love Lynne x






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