Styling your Interiors with Cacti.

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September 21, 2015 by lovenellie

Greetings all,

For anyone who is challenged in the green finger department then I have good news.Cacti are the new hot thing that every stylish interior should have. You no longer have to feel guilty as you kill off yet another orchid and are left to stare at the two brown sticks where once green stalk stood laden with beautiful flowers.

Cacti are very forgiving, you can leave them home alone for two weeks with no water and they will still look fantastic when you come home.The shape of the plants make them look like mini sculptures adding unusual features to your vignette. Cacti can also look amazing when used in terrariums.  The cacti plant is a great way to add texture and interest to a room.

Top tips for growing Cacti.

*They usually grow in the desert so they need to be kept warm, they love to be in the sunshine so pop them near a window and they will love it.

*Don’t water’too much,the compost should be allowed to dry out slightly between watering, rather than keeping it constantly moist.

*Make sure if your repotting to a terrarium or new pot that you use the correct cacti compost.

*Feed the Cacti once a month during the growing season which is from April to September using either a liquid houseplant feed or a special cacti feed

So here’s a few ideas for the look of the moment.

cacti 11  cacyus 11  catcus 6 cactus 18 cactus 5 cactus16



cactus 1 catcus 13

Cactus-Ideeen-1 cactus 10

You can always make yourselves a terrarium very easily.In true Blue Peter stylee Here’s one i made earlier..


I found some great Cacti that you can order online at if your loving this look or Ikea always stock some very small ones that are perfect for popping in glass jars.


Careful you don’t get spiked ! Have a good day all.

Love Lynne x



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