Cacti Confidential- styling your home with Cacti.


January 20, 2016 by lovenellie

Morning All,

I for one am a massive houseplant fan, I love how a house plant can soften a room and add texture and colour whilst at the same time making the room more healthy because if I remember my GCSE biology correctly don’t plants give off oxygen and we all need a bit of oxygen.

The one problem with this is that so many of you seem to have the talent of killing off house plants. Fear not plant murderers, it’s now all about the Cacti and they are pretty hard to kill off. Cacti are suddenly appearing everywhere and not in a bad Mexican Cantina style way but in a new cool Scandinavian chic style way. Now even with global warming I very much doubt that cacti have suddenly started growing native in Sweden so let me talk you through this new spiky design sensation.

Suddenly you don’t even need to have a real cacti to join the catci craze they are the new hot interiors must have, frankly your so 2015 if you don’t have something with a cacti on !!! So  I have been out and about searching the high-streets but mostly let’s be honest sat in front of my log burner searching the world-wide web (it’s too cold to venture out- even with my Marks and Spencer’s thermals) for the best examples of cacti coolness for you.

 cacti cushion  cacati 1


Loves these cushions and  pillowcases from Hennes home . Hennes  do such affordable cushions and bedsets always bang on trend and changing your cushions or bedset is such a simple and cost-effective way of jazzing up your room.I have used them in my Daughter’s bedroom, something a bit fun and different.



Green Glazed Cactus Vase - two sizes available        cactus1


LOVE these vases from Rocket st George  perfect for long stem flowers but equally look just as good with nothing in at all. If  I had a spare wall in my home then this amazing Wall Mural of cactus painted in water colours would be a serious contender. Is from an American company on Etsy and I just love the colours and the paint technique its such a refreshing change from the leafs, birds etc ect that we are all a bit blind tocacti dd.Here is the smaller size cacti vase next to an old jam jar I planted up with a real cacti, its such a cool look and upcycling your old jam jars as containers for cacti is simple yet effective.



cactus light

cacti light s


These cacti lights designed by Moave moon Designs are fantastic – not available in the uk but you could commission a company like Goodwin & Goodwin to make one for you. I think the rust with the aged green paint is a great look.





Check out these cute cacti candles from ‘Not on the High Street ‘ they wont need any watering that’s for sure.

cactus candles


Wall terrariums are  a great idea, check out Rowen and Wren as they come in a few different sizes.Cluster these beautiful little wall terrariums to create living art for your home or office when you plant them up I would add gravel and moss in layers to give interest too.

cactus wall terraniumcacti dd

Enough of the cacti inspired design pieces you also need to grow your own to add the ultimate cacti style to your interiors. Check out my other blogs about how to plant up cacti etc  Get the look right and it can add a sophisticated edge to a shelf or window sill. Here is some inspiration.

cactus  taken from


Found on

cacti pip1


Taken from

 cacti pip5


cactipip 2

Taken from


So there you go folks a few ideas for you, best place I have found for REAL cacti is Ikea so happy shopping and good luck with giving your homes a bit of a style refresh with our spiky friends!

Chat soon.



2 thoughts on “Cacti Confidential- styling your home with Cacti.

  1. debra hall says:

    enjoyed your cacti theme, lovely post Lynne 🙂

  2. lovenellie says:

    Thank you so much I am glad you enjoyed thanks for your nice comments. x

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