Calum Best’s Renovation project. BSTLFE Gym

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March 1, 2016 by lovenellie

It’s no secret that I love an interiors project, if I am not long-term borrowing (aka stealing) things from skips and upcycling then you often find me on site arriving unannounced for a nosy and a cuppa with the builders. I just love the thrill of the transformation. So imagine my excitement when I heard about an old abandoned basketball court just outside Henley that had been taken on by Calum Best and was being transformed into a gym, it was time to investigate!

The building that houses the new BSTLFE gym is an old sports hall belonging to Reading University, it was a dark uninspiring place that had lost its mojo, that’s until Calum and Angie got hold of the keys! The basketball court had been used in the 1970’s but had been left for years but after 12 months of hard work the transformation is complete and the building has a purpose again.

A few pics of the Gym before it got the ‘Best’ treatment and during the process of the ‘refit’

best2 best3 best1 gym 1 bstlfe gym


best gym

and now…………



The  old basketball court lends itself to being transformed into a space for a gym perfectly,the high vaulted ceiling helps add a sense of space making the place feel light and airy. So often gyms are windowless boxes filled with artificial light, not BSTLFE  the original features combined with Calum’s idea of painting the end wall in a black paint give it a cool New York Loft style vibe. By using the black gloss paint the light reflects and is bounced back into the room. The principle of making a rectangle room appear wider by painting the end wall a dark colour really works here and the room seems huge. If you fancy trying something similar in a room in your pad then I recommend Valspars Kettle Black paint. It’s such a surprise to drive to what looks like a sleepy country barn and then walk through the black doors to BOOM anything but sleepy!

Calum’s mother is fitness legend Angie Best. Angie already has a super successful Gym on the other side of the road from BSTLFE called Metaphysical both offering very different workout experiences but totally complimenting each other.  Together they now have a mini fitness empire in Henley-on-Thames offering a joint membership of both gyms for £50.00 which gives you the option of choosing how you train from day-to-day. Angie has the oasis of fitness and relaxation with amazing views of the river but if you fancy something a bit more hard and fast, focusing on strength and conditioning then its over the road you go for a session at BSTLFE.

calcum no


The new gym includes, plate loaded Nautilus equipment, free weight platforms, a dedicated boxing zone, spinning studio, stretching zone and offers personal training and fitness classes including boxing. There is a strong emphasis on toning and conditioning and when I popped in, there was such a chilled friendly atmosphere and I found myself right at home. Calum will be based there 3 days a week so will be on hand to help and advise and the Gym offers monthly membership for £40.00 per month or Daily rates of £10.00. If you’re into your fitness and not local what could be better than a change to your routine and day out in stunning Henley. A run along the river or cycle could be followed by a BSTLFE workout, a Gym Bunny day out with mates?

Calum 3

I certainly had fun, I’m no gym regular but I have to say I have been converted, I cant rely on sanding furniture as the only thing to keep those bingo wings at bay forever. Maybe if I train hard enough I will be able to bench press Calum above my head by the end of the year and return the favour!!!!!!


Well all this interiors and restoration work must have struck a chord with Calum and he very Kindly has agreed to come and model for us at the Henley House and Garden  Show on the 12th of March all to help raise money for Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children. Pop down and join us if you can, I will be there and if you fancy learning more about Upcycling and the projects I have been involved with this year then I will be giving a talk and Q&A session in the town hall at 12pm on Saturday.

HHGS logo screenshot (1)

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To visit BSTLFE or more information on membership  ph:01491 411948.

Follow news from the gym here.BSTLFE facebook page

More info on Calums BSTLFE Sports and Urban wear range here.


Right thats it folks so much to do to get ready for the Henley House and Garden Show, I’m on catwalk with Calum Best for gods sake how much pressure can one girl take. At-least I have somewhere to go on my doorstep to get beach body ready, that’s one thing off my ‘to do’ list !!! Hope to see you there.


Lynne xx






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