Lynne Lambourne’s Top Tips for Upcycling with kids.

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March 6, 2016 by lovenellie


Firstly Happy Mothers Day to everyone I hope all you Mummies out there were spoiled rotten you deserve it.With the Easter Holidays fast approaching are you beginning to wake up in cold sweats wondering how you will entertain the kiddies. Panic Over my friends, most of you know I run Children,s Love Nellie Upcycling Boot Camps during the holidays,we have a blast turning trash to treasure, learning new skills (yes kids can use a drill… under-supervision) making new friends and gaining confidence at the same time.

So I have pulled together some great ideas on how you can bring old and preloved items back to life, and also spark that all important creativity within young ones and help keep those little ones busy during the holidays.

Upcycling Projects Ideas:

Create Bookshelf.

We all want to inspire our children to read more and helping them create their own reading space may well encourage them to spend more time choosing and looking at books. This bookcase is easy and cheap to make using vintage crates sourced from Gumtree and stacked together. You could paint them or decorate them to match your room, fun easy and so practical.

  • Decoupage an old lampshade.

It’s easy to transform a lampshade for your bedroom by using decoupage. Specialist decoupage paper is easy to use but you can also use wrapping paper or comics with the special decoupage glue. Cut out the paper into small squares and then glue them all around the shade, finish with a layer of glue on the top to seal it and hey presto… new look lampshade.



Unique Pegboard

Children love to display their artwork so making a special pegboard for them to do just that can be a fun project. I actually sourced some bed slats when we were making them at Children’s Upcycling Bootcamp. We cut them to size, painted them with some chalk paint, aged them with dark wax and stuck the pegs on with a super strong bond. You could always paint them in chalkboard paint so you could write the child’s name on them too or decorate them anyway you like really let their imaginations go wild!


 Upcycle furniture with Chalkpaint

Why not find a vintage desk or bedside on Gumtree and then using chalk paint upcycle it into something fabulous? If you’re not sure of what to do there are so many tutorials on YouTube that you can watch, which will help. Pine furniture is being sold all the time and with new handles and a bit of paint it can be transformed into something awesome! Chalk paint is great to use with children as it is totally washable and great for damage limitation.


Make an old action figure lamp,

Old toys don’t need to be thrown away, it’s a lovely idea to use some of your favourite toys and keep them forever making a lamp base. It’s easy to do, just find a lamp base on Gumtree and you could even find some toys too. Super glue your toys to the base building them up to create the look. Once the glue has dried, spray-paint it to match your room. I think the gold looks fab!


I have been working closely with Gumtree over the last year and love the way they have embraced the world of upcycling and are helping the movement!! At Gumtree they make things easy and also give you the tools and inspiration to do things your way.

Gumtree want to help people take advantage of the upcycling opportunities out there and this is why they have launched the #UpcycleRevolution!  So what are you waiting for get online and get purchasing ready for the holidays or raid a family members attic ( with permission of course), you can turn trash to treasure for pennies and have amazing fun doing it. The kids will love creating things for their bedroom and you will have some peace and quiet!!!

That’s all for today folks its going to be a manic week getting ready for the Henley House and Garden show, do pop down and say HELLO if you can, I will be doing a talk and a Q&A on Upcycling in the Henley Town Hall as part of the Show on Saturday at midday.

Maybe see you there, no heckling please.


Lynne xx



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