Henley House and Garden Show

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April 11, 2016 by lovenellie

Greetings all, I have wanted to post this for about two weeks but the Children’s Upcycling Holiday Bootcamps took over my world for a few weeks and very little else on my ‘to do’ list has been achieved, the good news is that there are now lots more mini Upcycling warriors trained and ready to turn your trash into treasure the bad news is I’m exhausted !!So cast your minds back a few weeks to ….. THE HENLEY HOUSE AND GARDEN SHOW.

Henley Home and Garden Show, Decoration, Home, Event

So if you didn’t make it  down to the show I hope you had a good excuse !!!  It was a super fun weekend blessed with a mini heat wave (well by March standards anyway) As they say the sun always shines on the righteous.  Niki Schafer, Tracey from White Fox Events, Ana Mari Bull- Garden Design, Gail Lewis of The Henley Partnership  and I have spent the last year planning over skinny lattes with the aim of bringing creativity and collaboration to Henley. We all love Henley and are passionate about our Homes and Gardens so to us it seemed like a no brainer to inspire you in the form of the Henley House and Garden Show. There is so much that I could bang on about but I wanted to cover a few of the highlights.

We had amazing talks from Julia Kendell of DIY SOS, Jay Blades from Jay & Co, Niki Schafer, Rachel Hotston Garden Design, chef Shaun Dickens, Tamsin Borlase, Oppindar Liddar and Stephan A Ryan, hey I even took to the stage and talked ‘Upcycling’ for an hour, nobody left or fell asleep so I’m counting it as a success.

One of the main highlights for me was spending the day with one of my TV heroes Nick Knowles, I was so grateful to him for agreeing to be part of the show , it could so easily have gone the other way and he could have had me arrested for Twitter stalking!!

Nick knew that we were trying to raise money for The Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children and he also seemed to have a real interest in supporting the local creativity at the show. Nick was lovely enough to agree to a Q&A session on the stage but also made time in his day to go around to every exhibitor and say hello and chat and pose for about 50000 selfies with locals.

Is always so nice when you find out that in real life someone is just as nice and they are on the telebox, he loved the show and commented that he had forgotten how much he loved Henley. Nick really brought a sense of fun to the day and made it a special day for everyone, apart from the lady who was expecting to see Nick Nolte ??!! You can’t please everyone ! I was amazed to hear that he even has a film coming out later this month called ‘Golden Years’ which looks hilarious. Check out the trailer HERE

Nick knowles




The catwalk show is where exhibitors donate to the charity to have one of their products carried down the catwalk by a local celebrity. Its always fun and a little bit bonkers but there was a huge turnout this year ( I don’t believe this had anything to do with Calum Best being in the line up ?!) Amoungst the 20 or so models we had the glamorous and professional Angie Best and Julia Kendall showing us how it should be done, the Mayor of Henley in her Floral Circus headdress, Niki Schafer rocked it wearing a hat made from carpet and Calum Best and I did our best to carry an Ottoman supplied by  A stitch in Twine down the catwalk without falling over or giggling too much. Calum has recently opened a new Gym BSTLFE in Henley so it was a great opportunity to welcome our new local lad to the ‘hood’ . The fantastic Mike Read was our compère and entertained us all on the mic, despite announcing that he had no clue what ‘upcycling ‘ was?? Clearly he needs a coffee avec moi !

Here are few pics of the day taken by the amazing Kathryn Fell Photography  who had the knack of capturing the great atmosphere of this event so well.


angie  julia  lynne and Calum niki

Mike read



Connect  2 Colour  who created an art masterpiece to be auctioned off for the charity at the show popped together this lovely little movie of the weekend and I have to say it made me shed a little tear.I’m so super proud of organisation of the show but most of all I am proud of the way it brought the local community together, I have made so many new local friends and business associates and I know that many of the exhibitors are now working together referring work etc and that’s what its all about, local collaboration celebrating what we have on our doorstep and supporting each other.

The Henley House and Garden Show Video…..  dont cry !!

Of course its nothing without the amazing array of exhibitors not only did they showcase their products in a fantastic way but they all joined in to making the show such fun and such as success. So if you need something for your home or garden I urge you to first go to the Henley House and Garden Website and look at our exhibitor list as it’s a great place to find a real professional and get ideas.

Right  that’s all for now, busy week ahead as I prepare to help Mr Upcycling himself, Max McMurdo convert an old VW Beetle for our next Gumtree #upcyclerevolution Challenge.

Watch this space, I have a feeling its going to be a bit like the Wacky Races someone warn the Anthill Mob that there is a new Penelope Pitstop in town.

Chat soon

Lynne xx




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